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unSPOKEN Real Talk of Today’s Blended Family has RENEWED troubled relationships across the world! Men and Women of all nationalities, ethnicities, relationship statuses and age are being HEALED by this book. 

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Statistics have shown us that over 50% of children today are born into a single parent household and 40% of first marriages end in divorce creating a large population of adults finding themselves entering into a blended family setting, whether it is just dating or marriage. That process can be very insupportable without proper preparation for the realities of blending a family. unSPOKEN Real Talk of Today’s Blended Family can help get your blended family onto the pathway you both have been dreaming of.

unSPOKEN Real Talk of Today’s Blended Family was written to provide realistic tools to help the growing number of relationship breakdowns happening within today’s culture. 

The author, Michelle S. Thomas, writes in a RAW and UNFILTERED style that does not shy away from the issues “infecting” the modern family. She believes that people tend to “hear” and understand better by stepping into someone else’s situation. 

VIRTUAL SESSIONS make it more convenient and stress-free to embrace the valuable tools of Coaching. So jump in your pajamas, sip your favorite drink and find your comfy spot and LET’S RENEW ONE-ON-ONE in 2022!


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You are not alone!  And your questions have answers!  That is why Michelle S. Thomas created the unSPOKEN Podcast.  Where she will use her expertise to help  and HEAL blended families around the world!

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